Printing MS Word 2007 Document with no borders?

I need to print a document from Microsoft Word 2007, but it needs to be borderless. I got it to print with no border once before, but since then it has not worked and has insisted on a .47" border on the left side, and .13" (or something close to that) on the bottom. The right side and top are both borderless, however. Below is a link to the template I am using so you get an idea of what I am trying to print.

I need it to print like that, no exceptions. If it's not a MS Word issue, which I'm starting to think it's not, how can I get this printed as the website has it?

Another note, if it matters to anyone, the printer I am using is an HP Officejet Pro K5400.
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Word should send the information to the printer as you have it set up in your document. The issue is most likely with the setup in your printer. Here's a link to the HP website which will give you instructions on setting up your printer properly:

Hope this helps.
DoopleAuthor Commented:
After doing that I get an error saying it's outside the printable area.

When I click Yes, and continue to print the preview says it should print to the edges, yet doesn't.
first - does your printer support printing to the edge?
most do it only for pictures - maybe make apicture of it - then print?

What type of paper are you using to print? When selecting the media in the printing options, are you able to select the borderless option?

Are you getting a full border around all the sides of the printed page or is it specific sides that are not printing?

DoopleAuthor Commented:
While you didn't give me an answer that fixed it, your posts did push me in the right direction. I was able to print it borderless, but who knows how. I changed settings at random after a while.

Nevertheless, thank you for your help.
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