Is there a way to symlink within DFS

We recently setup DFS on Windows Server 2008 (non R2). I have the namespace set up, and a couple folder targets in it. What we need to do is have a folder called Corp Info be available within the Legal folder target, and the Accounting folder target, so basically Legal can get to that folder, but won't be able to get to the rest of accounting, and vice versa for accounting. This is a single server set up, so DFSR won't work. Also, the targets are on a Linux based NAS that can't handle symbolic links without serious hacking, but that's out simply for simplicity's sake.

Any ideas out there?
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gschmidt1Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
We decided to just map another drive to solve this issue.
You may have to allow the other group to browse down the folders to the shared folder.
You could setup a separate namespace that can be accessed by both.
gschmidt1Author Commented:
Another mapped drive is not possible as there are already too many. Leaving the Acct and Legal directories with the symlinked subfolder on the current filesystem which is how we have it set up currently) is an option, but only if it's not possible to do this through the DFS pointing to the NAS. I know it sounds like a complicated set up, and it may be, so if this isn't possible through what we want to do, that's fine, I just want know.
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