Printers no showing up in Devices & Printers in Windows 7

Hi There
              We have recently deployed windows 7 throughout our school and we have come across this weird issue and for the life of me can't seem to work out how to get around it.
When you install a local or networked printer they can be seen in programs like Word, Excel ect but if you go to  Devices and Printers they don't show up, its just a blank page showing 0 devices.

It becomes and issue when you want to change default printers or make some changes to the printer that you can't do within Word ect.

Any suggestions?


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One possible answer comes from this page:


If you are using a usb connector, your printer should show an icon under devices and printers . If you are using a parallel port, your printer will install but show no icon. In control panel under perfomance info go to advanced tools and click view advaced system details and you should find your printer. To update drivers you may have to use the trouble shooter . Open trouble shooter click the printer option when trouble is complete one of the options will be update drivers, click it and windows will look for drivers.
Ivano ViolaSystem AdministratorCommented:
I think you have to update the drivers on your print server to be compatible with Windows 7. This should fix the problem.
I want to make sure what you meant in the original post -- even if you plugged in a USB printer, it won't show up in Devices and Printers?

Try installing CutePdf ( It's a free virtual PDF "printer" that should definitely show up once installed. If it does, and your other printers don't then your other printer drivers aren't Win 7 compatible. If CutePdf doesn't show either, there is aproblem on that machine, and I can help you figure it out at that point.
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My Computer>Right Click>Manage>Services> Look at the Print Spooler Services
Printer Spooler should be Started and Automatic ,
smgshelpdeskAuthor Commented:
Hi There
              Thanks for all the replies, this is to btdownloads7 - We have already got CutePDF in the laptop image as well as other printers, nothing shows up in the device and printers.  They are however available for selection when you go to print in word and they do print, so the print spooler service is running as well.


What type of printers do not show up?  Have you checked the manufacturer website to see if there are Windows 7 drivers available?
smgshelpdeskAuthor Commented:
Nothing shows up, physical USB printers, network printers, even virtual ones (PDF, One Note ect). We also have no devices showing up ie machine, screen/monitor, mouse ect the entire printers and drivers window is blank.
That probably means that some device is hanging during the discovery process, and it's usually Bluetooth. If I'm right, you'll see the progress bar move slowly across the top of the Device Stage (devices and printers window).

Try this: Go to the services console, and change the 'Bluetooth Service" to start automatically, and then start it.
smgshelpdeskAuthor Commented:
After looking into issue more found that there was an issue with print spooler, and although when we would restart the service it would work but only until we restarted machine again and then it disappeared, so we found a way to reinstall print spooler and then we had to restart it once and now is working even after restarts.

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