Aero no longer works - Windows 7

Following a computer crash I've lost the functionality of Aero on my system.  I am also receiving error messages relating to the vaultcli.dll and UXInit.dll files. I'm not sure what caused the crash as I was away from the computer when it happened.  This is an odd occurrence because I've run Windows 7 64-bit on my system with no problems since installation in November.  I tried to do a repair install but I also receive a gameux.dll error when the set up process is underway.  Any thoughts or insight will be appreciated.  
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Your System File look likes corrupted

Firtsly Try This Steps


You Can Try Start>All Programs>Accessories>system Tools>Cmd >Right Click and then Run As Administrator

On the black screen type Sfc /scannow Enter

It will give  short details . If It Says Some System File cannot Be Fixed ,

You may have Reinstall windows

You CanTry System Readiness Tool

There are 3 possibilities:
1. There was a virus that corrupted some windows system files, and there is nothing you can do except reinstall the whole system from scratch. And no, the repair instal isn't going  to do anything -- you'll need to re-format the drive and install the OS from scratch.

2. The hard drive is dying (or the filesystem is somehow getting corrupted), and the solution is the same as above. Only you should do a full low-level format instead of the default quick one, since if there are problems with the drive, that will find them.

3. Either you don't have a legitimate version of Winodws 7 (the activation has been hacked), or Microsoft erroneously thinks that's the case. If you purchased it legitimately and have a valid product key, you can call MS and have them fix it.
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