Need to bypass Dell Latitude E6400 finger print scan test

Terry Woods
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Our company has a remote office without any particularly tech-savvy staff, and an employee that has recently left the company had installed a finger print scanning feature on his company owned Dell Latitude E6400 notebook. He is unable to come back to provide access to it, and doesn't remember the password.

It sounds like the security system is at the bios level, so we can't even get into the bios without a successful finger print scan.

We understand it is possible to get Dell to reset the bios, but we are hoping for a quicker solution. Is anyone aware of another way to get access to the notebook? It's likely there's work related material stored on it that is needed by the office too.
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Reinstall the OS, when you get to the part to select the partition, select the current partition that they boot from. The worse that can happen is you have to reinstall the OS on top of the current one - the data will still be there. Before you do that, there will be an option to reinstall (not the first option to recover) that will let all the programs still be there installed.....
You need to clarify if it's a Windows login that asks for the password, or BIOS (meaning it's at boot up).

If it's a Windows login, the solution is pretty easy, and THERE IS NO NEED TO REINSTALL THE OS. You can press CTRL+ALT+DEL to log in without the fingerprint, and use the admin account instead of the user's account. Once logged in as, you can pretty much change any password you like. If you don't know the admin login, try rebooting in safe mode and trying it there -- there is a default Administrator account that only shows up when booting into safe mode, and by default there is no password. If your IT people aren't very good, they left the password blank.

If the password is at the BIOS level, it can be one of two things (or both):
1. System Password (needed to start the system, but not affecting anything else)
2. Hard Drive password (without this, no data on the drive is accesible)

If you don't know the BIOS password, you'll have to call Dell tech support, and after verifying a bunch of info, they'll give you a backdoor password to get you into BIOS config, and from there you can wipe all store password and fingerprint data.
I agree with all that. If you cannot get in with those logins, you can run a password reset utility that boots from a USB or CD to reset passowrds if it is not in the BIOS.
Thanks, btdownloads7 - long night, didn't think it out all the way.....
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Thanks very much... will be giving Dell a call!

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