rmdb.vmdk file cannot mount

I am moving a vCentre 3.5 enviroment to a vsphere 4 enviroment. All new HW and Storage. The old enviroment has a VM that has one Virtual disk an one disk that is mapped as a raw lun (VM-1-rmdb.vmdk) I stopped the VM, copued the files accross to the new Storage with Veeam. When I add a host in the vsphere centre server it can access the virtual disk , but not the raw lun. Do I need to convert it or is there a way to map the drive

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jakethecatukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here you go codeblueengineers...how to convert and RDM to a VMDK - http://seandobsonsitblog.blogspot.com/2009/02/convert-rdm-to-vmfs.html

I've read the article and it seems ok - but I cannot vouch for it's accuracy or success rate.
Have zoned the new ESX servers WWN on the storage side. I hope that will solve the problem.
Raw Device Mapping's access the SAN directly and not through VMWare.  If one of you VM's has an RDM, then you will need to copy the data from the old SAN to the new SAN.  

Did Veeam copy over all the data from the RDM as well as the virtual disk?  It sounds like it didn't.  You will need to convert the RDM to a VMDK or connect the old SAN to the new server to get the data (from the sounds of what you have done, that's probably not an option).

You may find it easiest to power up the VM on the old environment and take a full backup using the VM OS of the drive that is the RDM - you can then restore it onto the new environment.  You can try looking at Veeam to see why it didn't take the data from the RDM over with it.  You could also try VM Convertor to see if that will copy the data over.

Also, have a look in the datastores for your new environment in case Veeam has copied over the data from the RDM and placed it into a VMDK.  If it has, you can then edit the config of your VM to point to the new VMDK.
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CodeBlueEngineersAuthor Commented:
Using Veeam the file structure is exactly the same. There are no open files on the old san, but a file VM-1-rmdb.vmdk. I might go the VM OS route
Vijay kumar MohanrajCloud ArchitechCommented:

You can use vmware convertor or if you want to convert the VM from vcenter to vspher 4.0 please go through the below link it will help full for you.

Vijay kumar MohanrajCloud ArchitechCommented:
is that my information was use full, please vote me
CodeBlueEngineersAuthor Commented:
I will try the tools thanks guy's. However VMWare support desk responded and said it cannot be done and we have to do a restore the hard way!
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