HTTP compression for incoming .NET Web Service request on II6

I am currently developing a .NET web service in CSharp.
I am able to enable the HTTP Compression on the IIS6 such that the web service response would be compressed.
However, I am not able to get IIS6 to accept incoming request that are compressed. I sniffed the network traffic and confirmed that the request header has "Content-Encoding: gzip" set.

My incoming webservice request is big. I need the request to be gzip.

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I did not notice the comment below.  So it seems that neither IIS6 or 7 support inbound compression.

Since web was originally designed with the mindset that there would be small requests coming in and large responses, most web servers do not support inbound compression.  
According to a question posted here:

IIS 6 does not support inbound compressed requests.  So unless that function was added with some service pack, you either have to forgo inbound compression or go to IIS 7.
chinhwAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your response.
From the website you mentioned. It seems like IIS7 also do not support inbound compression. (See quote below).
Since, this is an old blog. Have there been changes since then? Have you tried this out in IIS7 before?
I need to do my due diligence to check before convincing the managment to upgrade the server and run on IIS7.
Please let me know. Regardles of the answer, the points are yours.
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I read that IIS6 does not support inbound HTTP compression. Is is true and is there a chance that inbound compression is supported by IIS7?
Best regards,
Yves Van Dooren.
Hi Yves Van Dooren,
Yes, its true that IIS6 doesn't support inbound http compression and same is true for IIS7. I am not aware of any plans to support that in next release as well. I will follow-up on this request in the team so that we can evaluate doing this in a future release.
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chinhwAuthor Commented:
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