chang timestamp format in filemaker


Currently I have a time stamp field which displays values like:"29/04/2010 2:20:17 PM"
Can I have a calculations field which shows the timestamp like this: "OrderAck_20100429_22017"

format: OrderAck_YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks


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jvaldesConnect With a Mentor Commented:

You need to be aware that in your method you didn't include zeroes where the numbers have only one digit which will make it difficult to read later. But this is the answer to your question.
Here is an example database
if it is just a matter of displaying it like this wihtout storing it, this can almost be done via custom date formats except for time where the choice if basically with or w/i seconds.
you can get something like this
expression20100429 1145
w/o any calc.
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J3D1-KN1G1-1tAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the responses.

I used the this method:

This works great but is there a way of adding the zero when there is a single digit present as the example in the question? do I have change the time stamp field?

so far i'm getting this:
29/04/2010 2:20:17 PM => OrderAck_2010429_142017

is it possible to have this OrderAck_20100429_142017 instead?

Many Thanks

yes, for each member which can be a single digit, day and month, you need to add a leading "0", then take the last 2 digits.
for instance the month becomes:
right ("0" & Month(TimeStamp); 2)
I remind that the date display format allows this directly.
J3D1-KN1G1-1tAuthor Commented:
Hi Thank you for your response

I have this as my calc:
"OrderAck_"&Year(Reciept Timestamp)&("0"&Month(Reciept Timestamp);2)&Day(Reciept Timestamp)&"_"&Hour(Reciept Timestamp)&Minute(Reciept Timestamp)&Seconds(Reciept Timestamp)&".csv"

And i recieve an error "There are more ")" than there are "(" or that there are more "(" than there are ")"
I can seem to find the extra one.
lesouefConnect With a Mentor Commented:
OrderAck_"&Year(Reciept Timestamp)&right("0"&Month(Reciept Timestamp);2)&Day(Reciept Timestamp)&"_"&Hour(Reciept Timestamp)&Minute(Reciept Timestamp)&Seconds(Reciept Timestamp)&".csv
J3D1-KN1G1-1tAuthor Commented:
Thanks heaps mate
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