Linked files and UNC paths in publisher 2007

Whenever I link an excel file to my publisher file, the link always goes to
the unc path of the excel file, instead of the drive letter.
Due to planned moves and renames of our file servers, we would like to have
everything pointing to drive letters instead of UNC paths.

In excel en word, this behaves properly, if I link a file on a mapped
network drive, it will keep the drive letter.
In publisher, it doesn't.

Any ideas of how I can tell publisher to stop converting to UNC paths?
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bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
that's by design, see the official explanation below.

"If you create a linked object from a Microsoft Office file, and you want others to be able to edit the linked or embedded object, the source file must be saved on a network server, the recipients of the message must have access to the network share the file is stored on, your network must support UNC addresses, and you must type the UNC address for the network share that has the file in the File box. For example, in a message, click in the text box, then on the Insert menu, click Object. Then click Create from file, and in the File box, type the path for the file, such as \\Data\Spreadsheets\File.xls."


Publisher - Link or embed files

hope it helps,
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