Microsoft CRM 4.0 Problem, can't track messages and synchronization bar is missing

Hello everybody.
I have a somewhat unusual problem. One of my users can't track e-mails in Microsoft CRM of Outlook. When she hits the button track it says unable to promote item to Microsoft Crm. Alsi there is no Track in CRM toolbars and button in a new message and in a reply message.
Also when I go to CRM Options and Personal settings the syhnchronization tab is missing so I can't chek if this computer is a primary synchronization client. Also when I hit Synchronize with CRM, nothing happens. I have Update rollup 10 installed and using Outlook 2007 on Windows 7.
I also did a fresh reinstall of the machine for a day it worked fine, and the next day, the same story.
Thanky you for your help, I'm relly in the dark about this one.
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IEDCConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Solved the problem. The problem was when I moved the user for the time being Microsoft CRM was interpreting it as a different profile. Just removed the profile and created a new one I also created a new Personal folders file for Outlook, that our users use and move items from the old one into the new one.
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