Outlook 2003 sending invitations time is incorrect

We are having a bit of a strage and tricky issue.
I have someone that is on exchange 2003 using outlook 2003, when they send invitations to appointments certain people recieve the incorrect time.

For example one person sent it to another within the organisation and the time was an hour off.
However if that person sent it to me, externally, it was fine.

But, if a different user sends externally certain recipients recieve it with the time an hour off but when she sends to me its fine?

I wont say its random, but rather that there is a conflict somewhere, I had remote access to one of the machines and its the strangest thing, they sent the appointment for lets say "10am" the recipent recieves it and its dated "11am", so they reply, and in the orignal senders inbox the reply shows as the incorrect "11am" but when you click forward or reply to the mail it goes back to the correct "10am"

Anyone got any ideas?
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johnwilemanConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Havent had much response, any other thoughts?
check the time zones and daylight savings settings/patches for the machines - the displayed time and the actual time are two different things. All times are reletive to Universal time (ie GMT) and then adjusted to your time zone.
johnwilemanAuthor Commented:
thanks for the response

I have checked the time zones on the pcs' aswell as within the the calender in outlook and they are as they should be, could you elaborate on what you mean when you say daylight savings settings/patches on the machines?

Being in S.A we dont have daylight savings time and the time still goes and our off when sending mail internally in exchange, so its not going accross timezones or anything
johnwilemanAuthor Commented:
new server
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