Raising forest functional level

We've a windows 2003 domain (native) that was upgraded from a windows 2000 domain. I've just checked and the forest is still running in 2000 mode.
We've got a small issue with DNS and I've noticed it's in the wrong partition. Although raising the forest level might not chnage this, it's part of my troubleshooting and we'll end up doing it anyway so why not now.
Anyway, the question is, apart from ensuring all DC's in my forest are at least Windows 2003 DC's, is there anything else I need to consider? Even if you can point me to a good article that'll be cool.
While we're here, I might also upgrade our DC's to 2003R2. Can anybody point me to a decent guide on that?


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AsokkumarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i hope that the following link will clear all your doubt.

FemSteenkampConnect With a Mentor Commented:
upgrading the forest level basically just means that some of teh older level domain controllers (like 2000) will no longer be abe to become domain controllers, it cahnges some of teh behaviours around replication since it does nto have to cater for the older way of doing things.

you will be able to use forest level trusts ( if you need it) after the functional level upgrade.

This is a one way only, but the only thing you will loose is the fact that you cannot introduce windows2000 machines into the domain  as domain controllers
forest functional level has nothing to do with domain members, it only affect domain controller behaviour,
yes you might as well go to R2 on your domain controllers. can do this before or after the forest functional level upgrade
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Glen KnightCommented:
If your going to upgrade to Windows 2003 R2 you will need to prepare the schema for this.  This does not effect the Forest or Domain Functional Levels.

The Forst Functional Level is different from the domain functional level.  You could have a single forest that was a Windows 2000 Forest functional Level and multiple domains within the forst that were Windows 2003 mixed domain functional level.

However if your in a single domain then it doesn't actually make a great deal of difference and there would be no problems with switching the Forest Functional Level over to 2003.  it won't effect your DNS configuration though (as far as I can remember)
You will only get benefit on raising domain/forest functional level



Only thing is noticeable is you can't revert back & there will be more advantage on raising domain/forest functional level.
I didn't notice MS article is already been given by Asokkumar:
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