Graphics Card for a Dell Optiplex GX520

Is it possible to install a Graphics card in the Dell Optiplex GX520.
I think it is the mini tower version, so not very big.

Owner is looking to connect 2 monitors to it, by VGA.  

Lookng around it might accept a Low Profile PCI Graphics card.  Is this correct?
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aleghartConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is a low-profile PCI slot available.  The biggest factor is the power supply.  It has a 220W, so any standard card should be OK.

The motherboard drawing shows a single PCI slot (low profile) at #13:

A 32-64MB card should be easy to find.  Even 256-512MB are still available at places like Amazon.  Just search for "pci low profile video card".  You'll get dozens of results from $30 and up.

I have a GX620 small-form-factor that I upgraded.  You can even find cards with HDMI for connecting to an HDTV, but you need to be careful of how many watts they're pulling.  Don't want to overload the power supply.
rajkumar_pbConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Wait, a low profile PCI card is not worth as of now. I have gone through the documentation of GX520 and came to know it has no PCI-Xpress X16 slot. So better option would be a monitor switch, by which you can connect two monitors with the current VGA out and switch between them.

Still, if you're looking at PCI gfx card look at these.
harris9999Author Commented:
They need the 2 monitors to be on at the same time with extended desktop, so documents can be compared from one screen to the other.

I assume a switch is out of order for that then?
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harris9999Author Commented:
And Sorry, its the Small Form Factor version.
Looking at Diagrams online, there is only 1 PCI slot.

I'll have to see it physically before I get a graphics card for it to make sure there is a free port.  
If you have an extra usb port you can use a USB to VGA adapter for the 2nd monitor.
harris9999Author Commented:
Cheers, I had to check the computer as him explaining to me which type he did have.  
It was the mini tower in fact and there looks to be 2 free PCI slots in the back.
So should be safe enough. A smaller spec graphics card would probably be fine as it is just for general business use, spreadsheets, word docs, email etc. The power then would be the main thing that would need to be compatible.  
And getting the low-profile card is still an option.  They generally come with both brackets, full-height + low-profile.  That will let you easily re-purpose the card in the future, and typically at no extra cost.
harris9999Author Commented:
Cheers Guys
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