After compressing files got the message:BOOTMGR is compressed.Ctrl+alt+del to restart-it didn't

Netbook came with windows already installed, product key on a sticker. No disc. PCWorld 'ToughGuy' back up discs have error: 'Component EditCntlsU.ocx or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid'
Tried the disc any way - no joy.
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take the drive out, take it to someone who has a computer, and plug it in, or use it as an external, go to (my)computer, right click on the drive, uncheck the compression and apply, should only take a second for the boot sector to be decompressed (i'd let it do it for about a minute or so), then you can cancel it, you dont have to decompress the whole drive.

it should then boot like normal in your computer.
DuntrenchinAuthor Commented:
Thanks but jargon used is way over my head.
DuntrenchinAuthor Commented:
Cheers qcdon2010,
sounds good to me. I have another laptop available what lead is required to use faulty netbook as an 'external'?

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