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Hi experts,
I have looked at: and got it to generate a report for me and it returns the results as an array, which is fine.

However what I am really after is a way to show the graphs used within Google Analytics on my website (in an admin section). I have looked into: but I am not sure if this is the best method to get the results I need.

Could anyone advise the best method of showing analytics charts/data from my GA account on my admin page using PHP.
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seraph_matrix_631Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
The problem from what I can see from the link you sent over is that someone has to login to GA, and export the data to an xml file.

I am trying to do this to make it easier for us to view our Google Analytics data without having to login to GA, instead we only have to login to our site and we have all the information we need.

I have since found a way to get data and manipulate the data from the GA account, but the chart link shown above isn't customizable.

Do you know of any charting apps that I can include on my site to show the stats in the same (or very similar) way to GA?
You can find details on how to achieve this at the following link, hope it helps:
I'm not sure what you're trying to do is currently possible with GA, have a read on the link below, its the only way I can see to do similar to what you want:
seraph_matrix_631Author Commented:
That's not really what I was after. I tried to use it earlier and it would not work.
When I went to login to try it out it would redirect me to the page saying 'http:// .....' wants to access your account do you give permission. I clicked accept an it asked me to login. I clicked to login and it would redirect to the previous page, rendering the potential solution invalid.

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