Crash while loading Windows

I have a problem with my laptop.
I need every suggestion that can help.

Hardware: Sony Vaio VGN-NR31Z/S

It all started without installing any new devices or anything like that. No modification.
Now...While windows show the bar loading... System hangs.

Safe mode : System crash with BSOD when it loads crcdisk.sys

Troubleshooting :
1) Windows Repair <-  It freezes on load.
2) Windows Startup Repair <- It freezes on load.
3) Live version of Linux in USB , loads normally everything works. I transfered all my data to an external device.
4) <Admin Edit - Vee_Mod> boot cd. Loads normally. All tests passed with success.

I need help with the following:
I need to fix windows
to be able to see and delete my files from my hard disks
so i can give it to someone who can fix it. Or rename drivers so i can boot.

Is there any application like a boot cd that will show me the files of C:\  ?
How can i delete or rename some drivers that might cause this problem under linux?
I get permission errors.

I need to rename this files:

Based on this post:

Thank you very much.
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CodedKSenior Software EngineerAsked:
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Try to boot in 'last known good configuration'. Press F8 during Windows boot to get the option.

Sounds like the hard drive is broken.

Try erasing the HD with DBAN. Ref:

Regards, Tobias
You could also try to enter the BIOS and reset to CMOS default. Does the computer boot then?

If not, enter BIOS again and change SATA controller to "Compatible mode" if it isn't in this mode already. Try to boot / Repair mode on WinXP CD

Regards, Tobias
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"Is there any application that will show me the files of C:\  ?"
Yes, there are several. My favorite is UBCD4Win. You can get it here.
"Is there any application that will show me the files of C:\  ?"

I thought you'd already copied your data?
"3) Live version of Linux in USB , loads normally everything works. I transfered all my data to an external device."

Maybe you want to be able to modify the content of your C-drive? If you doesn't succeed with booting your computer or repair it with the WinXP CD, you can boot the Ubuntu LiveCD and modify the files on your C-drive.
Looks to me that your HDD has unrecoverable bad blocks.  Run HD diagnostics on it before going further.  Make sure you include a full media scan and S.M.A.R.T. testing
the cd you refer to is illegal...
to me it looks like a bad cd, or cd drive
it can also be ram  - test it with memtest86+ from
CodedKSenior Software EngineerAuthor Commented:
Hi guys.
For start i want to thank edbedb for mentioning an alternative software.

Second i didnt know <Admin Edit> was illegal. Some technicians told me i should use it and i did. Anyway the problem remains...

As i said in my question

1) Every windows cd i tried failed. After windows loading files message a black screen and then nothing.
a) I tried Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Start, Windows Repair.
b) Safe mode, last know good config and every other option fails at the same point.

2) Linux boots normally and all my data is there. So i thing that this is not a hardware problem. Got the data back.

3) Using the cd i mentioned before i did every harware check there is and i didnt report any errors.

4) I removed the two ram memories, one atthe time still the same problem.

5) I did reset CMOS, bios has been set to dafault, sata is in combatible mode. Still the same problem.

So what i need is :
1) Is there any way to rename some driver files from windows folder WITHOUT accessing windows?
Since it is impossible to boot in windows.
Linux let me copy my data but didnt let me rename any file or delete any file. I tried to change the permissions but with no luck. I di try KDE, Ubuntu and a Linux on USB.

I want to :

1) Fix this problem
2) If this is not possible rename the drivers from other software.
3) Delete some files to see if it was a disk space problem since there was only 1Gb left.
3) LAST resort ... Delete all the files and sent it to a store...
".. and all my data is there. So i thing that this is not a hardware problem."

Not necessarily.  Did you actually open every file, or did you type in ls -l ?  Did you read blocks where no data exists?  If for example, the controller reads 16KB at a time for speed, and you have data on the first 15KB, and free space on the last 1KB, then the read will fail.

Know your diagnostics.  A media verify reads all of the media and reports unreadable blocks.  A S.M.A.R.T. test detects if the drive is in stress and reports that it is going to die.   S.M.A.R.T. is also not infallible and is capable of reporting false positives and false negatives.

Your problem could be either file system error.  Say the file system says the first chunk of a file can be found on physical block number -3, or physical block # that is higher than the number of block on the disk.  Or say this is the next block number that can be used to write a log file or the location where NTFS logs the last time the file was written to is off in the ozone?

You need to run decent diagnostics that include full media scan, and file system check.  You could have one, both, or neither.  But you can not make any assumptions on the state of the disk drive based on what you have reported.  

and did you test the ram, as suggested? no answer to that yet  .. .
CodedKSenior Software EngineerAuthor Commented:
Nobus i did said that i checked my RAM i did let Windows diagnostics make 5 passes
and also used other ram diagnostics from other known software products and after that i did remove the ram sticks one at the time leaving the second slot empty and then the first.
I allready said that 2 times so why do you say you've got no response?

i moved all my files and then using 3 different software i did check the drive.
Then i rechecked it using the software Fujitsu recomments (it was a Fujitsu drive).
Then i loaded all my important files to my desktop and run the important ones... Its almost 200Gb.
Everything runs ok.

The cpu the motherboard the graphic card the data the disk the screen every thing works perfect under linux. This is why i am confused.

Is there any product that will let me rename or delete some files from system32 directory without booting.
Can i do it with linux ? I cant set the permissions.
You can boot the Ubuntu LiveCD 9.10 and mount the NTFS filesystem in R/W mode.

Find out the name of your ntfs partition:

$ sudo fdisk -l

Method 1: In this example, the NTFS drive is listed by fdisk as /dev/sda2, but yours may differ.

Make a mount point for the drive:

$ sudo mkdir /media/WindowsNTFS

Edit fstab:

$ sudo editor /etc/fstab

If you have automatically added lines by Ubuntu installation, comment them out:

#/dev/sda2  auto nouser,atime,noauto,rw,nodev,noexec,nosuid 0 0
#/dev/sda2 /mnt auto user,atime,noauto,rw,nodev,noexec,nosuid 0 0

Add the line:

/dev/sda2 /media/WindowsNTFS ntfs-3g quiet,defaults,rw 0 0

Mount the disk:

$ sudo ntfs-3g /dev/sda2 /media/WindowsNTFS

Now you can start the filemanager and rename files or delete them.

Regards, Tobias

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CodedKSenior Software EngineerAuthor Commented:
Tobias thank you very much i will download the latest edition and i will try it asap.
I might need some help on these commands.
I will probably have the cd tomorrow (slow internet here)
Thank you very much.


Try booting with all cables removed from the laptop and remove any cd/dvd.
In Windows Recovery Environment ( try:

1. Command Prompt (Where C: is your windows drive):
Chkdsk C: /F /R /I   then restart.

2. System Restore - restore to an earlier time.

3. This was from the post you stated in your question.
In Command Prompt type the following commands:

CD Windows\System32\Drivers
Del sptd.sys

Restart Laptop.
If the file doesn't exist do the next step.

4. Command Prompt:

CD Windows\System32\Drivers  
Ren pcmcia.sys pcmcia.old

CD \Windows\System32\Driverstore\Filerepository
Ren pcmcia.inf_1259a379 pcmcia.inf_1259a379old

Reboot to see if problem persists.

A vista recovery disc can be downloaded here:

CodedKSenior Software EngineerAuthor Commented:
Hi Here2Help thank you for your help.

I was about to close this question.
I'm trying something new and i will close it posting here the results & the solution for to help someone who is in the same position.

I finally got in to Ubuntu and changed permissions (thanks TobiasHolm).
I changed all the drivers that were crashing the system but no joy.
System crashed in every other driver.

About your post Here2Help :
1) Under Windows Recovery -> BSOD in the same point.
2) System restore is something i cannot access.
3) Under Ubuntu environment i renamed all those drivers one by one and then massive renames took place but ...always crashing.

I think in one day or two i will have the results i need and post them here.
Maybe the simplest way is to backup your data and reinstall Windows from scratch?
CodedKSenior Software EngineerAuthor Commented:
OK i installed windows 7 after format.
Nothing else worked.
And I've tried everything.

So the laptop now works fine... all the hardware is ok...
So i guess windows sucks ...

Thanks god format works...
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