HP 8710W Laptop HDD

Right then chaps.  My HP8710W laptop has a 250gb hdd in it.  

I'm looking at increasing this to 500gb+ and I'm looking for recomendations based on personal experience.  

Ideally, I'm after a 7200rpm drive to provide a bit of a speed increase as I'm going to be running VMWare Workstation on this.
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this looks like a candidate for you :  http://www.wdc.com/en/products/Products.asp?DriveID=815
If you want the ultimate in speed for running VM's get a (branded) solid-state drive. If you get say 128GB you can mount your old drive in an external carry and use that as bulk storage
jakethecatukAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys...was hoping for a few more suggestions though.
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