How do I restore bkf files in Backup Exec?

We have two Backup Exec servers in our organisation, 11d in the head office and 12.5 in one of the branch offices.

Every week we copy the bkf files from the previous nights backups onto removable media by copying the files from the backup to disk folders and take them offsite to the branch office.

What is therefore needed to acheive correct restores of this data on the BE 12.5 server? Do I have to create mirror B2D folders on the branch server or is there another method?

When I click on the .bkf files and open win backup I get the error " U:(or B:) is not a valid drive or you do not have access"

Thanks in advance
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Michael_DuebnerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Create a new backup to disk folder (backup device) pointing it to a an empty drive or folder on your network.  Once the backup device exists, take it offline and copy the bkf files into that folder.  Go back to devices  in backup exec, return the device online and run an inventory job.  The bkf names should now show up.  Now catalog the bkf files.

What happens when you go into the Backup Exec program and open the bkf there?  Instead of using the Windows backup?
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