Should I purchase the Cisco RPS 2300 for my six 3750 StackWise Switches?

Hi All,

I'd like if you could give me your pros and cons for purchasing the Cisco RPS 2300? Also, could you give me alternative solutions?

 It is displayed at the link below:

We have 6 Cisco 3750-E switches setup in a stackwise configuration. The 3750 isn't like other Cisco equipment where you can buy a spare power supply to connect for a nominal fee. You must buy a RPS 2300 with all the cables and power supplies. If my Cisco rep is wrong, please show me comparable items My quote for this system with all proper wires and power supplies comes to roughly $3,000!

I have a single source of power, but 3 UPS battery backups. My current setup is having 2 switches connected to each UPS. I was thinking about having all the switch's main power supply connected to one UPS then each power supply on the RPS 2300 connected to the other two UPS.

People are telling me it is silly to spend the $3000 unless we have two power sources. This is our core switch stack for all end-users and we currently have NO SmartNet on these devices.

My other two options were:
1) To get 4h SmartNet on the 6 switches @ $800 each = $4800 Annually.
2) Buy an extra switch for $5,000. Add NBD SmartNet @ $400 each = $2,800 Annually.

 What do you suggest?
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Despite only having one sournce of power, with 3 UPS and 6 switches the most likely thing to go wrong is for one of the switch power supplies to go bad. The RPS costs less than smartnet, and smartnet will not keep your switch up- it will only allow you to replace it if it goes bad.

My suggestion would be to buy the RPS and plug each RPS power supply into a UPS. If you lose power, you will stay up for a little while, and the whole office would probably go down anyway. Individual circuit failure is extremely rare if it was wired correctly to begin with.

Also buy Smartnet NBD for all 6 switches- 2 years costs less than one switch. Do you have enough spare ports on your switches to temporarily move cabling if one switch died?
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 It appears I have enough ports to have two switches free. So, i'm going to move everything over to the four switches. Then i'll have two spare switches. NBD on the switches sounds good!

Considering I have 2 spare switches for 4 switches in use the RPS2300 seems to be a bit much. I can save myself $3,000. What do you think?

The problem is that having two good switches sitting around won't last for long. Given time they will end up in production for use in a DMZ or a something else. So then again i'm leaning towards the RPS 2300.

I would keep one of the 2 "spare" switches in the stack so that you have a hot spare if you need it, get Smartnet for them all, and skip the RPS. I don't know if the "problem" you described would be due to your management or to you, but I would push hard to keep one extra in there so that you can recover quickly if a switch dies. Maybe you should keep active hosts on it so it doesn't look like it's not doing anything.

It also allows you to expand existing infrastructure if you need to without spending more money. It's better to include the cost of a new switch in the budget of some bigger future project than to tell someone that the extra port they want for a new PC is going to cost thousands.

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Thank you for your help. At times I like to bounce ideas around with other people than with management who at times knows less than I. The department here is fairly new and previously all work was done by consultants. You can say we are playing catch up with lots of things. Getting SmartNet on devices, finding out how things are configured, and finding services we pay for yet don't have implemented are just part of the fun. Thank you.
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