How to decode a portion of a JPEG file in C#

Hi All

I was wondering if this is possible. I am dealing with very large images and I often run into out of memory exceptions etc. etc. Most of the time I have to read it into photoshop to reduce the size to something manageable for .net.

I am only every interested in a portion of the image, so I was wondering is it possible to only read in to a byte array for example only the portion of the image that I am interested in rather than the whole thing?

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Please Refer the following link,
You could use a freeware application like irfanview to crop/resize your images, it offers batch processing as well.
erik_nodlandAuthor Commented:

greatsubash: Thanks for the link. I have taken a look at the project and unfortunately it still requires you to load the image fully first. I need a way of only loading a specific portion of the image without enitrely loading the image first.

Tiberiugal: I do use irfanview but it wont handle the image sizes that I need. And I would also need to programmatically crop the image.

Thanks again both

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