VSFTPD Fedora 12 Default Directory Change

We have a Fedora 12 server for FTP.  After configuring VSFTPD, we can login and find files in /var/ftp fine.  We want to change the default /var/ftp directory to our own /ftp partition we have setup.  Changing "anon_root" to "/ftp" simply disables us from logging into the FTP server, from our web browser and FileZilla.

How can we change the /var/ftp directory to /ftp in VSFTPD?

Thanks in advance.
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that's the parameter anon_root in /etc/vsftpd.conf (or /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf).
You most probably ru the vsftpd daemon via inetd or xinetd, in this case you don't need to restart anything.
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What are the permissions of /ftp? It must be accessible ("r", "w" if desired and "x") by ftp_username as configured in vsftpd.conf, (or ftp by default).
getekeAuthor Commented:
The ftp user has full read permissions.  Where in vsftpd.conf would this be configured?
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Permissions are configured for the filesystem, not in vsftpd.conf.
chown -R ftp /ftp
chmod -R u+rwx /ftp
In vsftpd.conf you configure the id to be used for anonymous transfers, the root of the directory tree to use.,
and some ftp actions to be allowed in an "anonymous" session, e.g. anon_upload_enable or anon_mkdir_write_enable.
ftp write are allowed or forbidden globally (not for "anonymous" alone) with write_enable
getekeAuthor Commented:
When "anon_root" is commented out(disabled),  I am able to login to /var/ftp fine in both FileZilla and IE.  When "anon_root" is active(enabled), it gives me error "500 OOPS: cannot change directory:".

Why is this happening?

Thanks for all your help.
Issue ls -ld /ftp
It must look similar to this
drwxr-xr-x 1 ftp ftp 9999 Apr 29 00:00 /ftp
(Important values in bold)
getekeAuthor Commented:
The only difference between our folder and the one you list is the "9999", which ours is "4096". No effect.  Does the 4096 need to be changed?
No, don't worry. That's the size of the directory. I used 9999 since I don't know your value, obviously.
Do you actually log in with "ftp" or "anonymous"? Without having to enter a password? Or do you use a locally configured userid (not "ftp")?
In this case you're not "anonymous", and other rules apply.
I'd suggest trying "anonymous" to log in to vsftpd and see what happens.
Note - the name "ftp" you use to login has nothing to do with the user whose account will be actually used! This account is configured with "ftp_user".
Seems that in your case this user is also called "ftp" which is not mandatory at all. You could as well enter "anonymous"
getekeAuthor Commented:
Even as "anonymous" or "ftp" with "anon_root" and "local_root" set, the error still appears.
Under the same users but with "anon_root" and "local_root" disabled, the users log in fine (even though they go to the incorrect directory i would like)

Is there a better FTP software to use in Fedora other than VSFTPD?
vsftpd is really not bad. It must work!
How does the "anon_root" entry look like in your config? Remember there may not be spaces around the equal sign!
getekeAuthor Commented:
It looks just like you have it.

I have been reading that you should change the home directory of the anonymous ftp user that logs in.  Would that have anything to do with it?
The home directory is certainly not related to the "OOOPS" thing you have.
What was the reason given to change that directory?
And I think I made a mistake when suggesting to give /ftp to the user "ftp" (chown)! What I wanted to say is give all subdirectories of /ftp to that user, but not /ftp itself! This directory should belong to root!
getekeAuthor Commented:
We have created a separate partition called "/ftp" for the ftp users to log in and access the files.  From within vsftpd.conf, we are trying to change it from "/var/ftp" to "/ftp" but are unable to do so.  "root" is the owner of /ftp.
getekeAuthor Commented:
I have discovered the answer.

The solution is to use fstab to point the /var/ftp directory to /ftp.

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