Server removes its dns records

I have a server that is a member of the domain. For a little wile ago I could not access it through host name. I then checked dns and saw that it was gone. Accessing the server with ip worked and I could log on with domain accounts etc. I then tried "ipconfig /registerdns" without success.

Now I have tried to remove/add to domain and then the records comes back. But now its gone again. I have added it manually and unchecked the allow autneticated computers to update but it just removes it.

Why doset it keep disapering? Is there any settings on the server that I can change?
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Mike ThomasConsultantCommented:
Have you enabled aging/scavaging to be less than 24 hours? if so this would cause a problem.
Does the problematic server have additional nics?  Disable these if so...

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Can you also list out the TCP/IP settings of this server...  Make sure that it is only pointing to your internal Windows DNS servers for the domain and no where else...  It might also help to show a screen shot of tcp/ip settings.
FindwiseAuthor Commented:
It was the second nic that screwed it up.
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