AP-7420 password recovery for XPath OS

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Can anyone describe where or how I can reset the passwords to default on an AP7420 Multi protocol router?

From the boot log it is running XPathOS 7.1.0.

Many thanks.
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Use a serial cable and log in to the console via Hyperterminal. Comms settings are 9600 baud, 8 bits, no parity, one stop bit.
Press Enter to get to the login prompt, then use username: admin and password: password top log in. Note that the username and password are case sensitive.

Now reboot the switch:

1. At the command prompt, type "reboot" and press Enter
2. The switch will prompt:
     Do you really want to reboot the switch? (y, n)
     Press “y” and Enter.
3. On reboot, after the copyright banner appears and a message with a 5 second timer will appear:
     Autoboot command: "memboot"
4. Press Enter to execute or any other key to abort.
5. Important! Press the space bar within 5 seconds.
6. The PMON command prompt: ">" will be displayed. Enter the following commands:
>set resetpasswds yes

Done! Factory default username/password for Brocade kit is admin/password.


Spot on - thanks.

Is there anything you don't know about EMC kit?

(Maybe serial pin-outs on CX700 SPS serial cables ;-)

Thanks for your help.
Thanks! Glad I could help.

I'll have a sticky for the pinouts in the morning.



Hi meyersd,


There's another 500 points waiting for that! (question ID 26102810)

My pair of lab CX700's are pretty sloth like without the write cache [SMILE].

Just something to add: Set flow control to Xon\Xoff (without doing this my console connection was read-only).

I then used:


To configure the management interface so i could complete the configuration from my browser/ssh etc



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