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Greetings EE Gods...

I am installing Joomla on a hosted account.  The root folder will not give me write privledges, however an internal folder will, which causes me to install Joomla into the folder.

For example: will not work now  will work perfectly, full installation.

It's a windows server, so .htaccess will not work.  using a PHP forward will still leave in the URL address bar.

Is there anyway to set up Godaddy, where I have the domain, so when the user puts in, they go to */joomla without actually seeing it?

Evan CutlerVolunteer Chief Information OfficerAsked:
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Jerry MillerCommented:
I have not tried this yet, but will a little later on tonight on My Go Daddy domain. I have the same Joomla setup
There is a Joomla component called eXtplorer ( which I have used in the past to change permissions on folders where I couldn't do so via FTP. It even allows you to access folders outside your Joomla install. Try using that to change the permissions on the root folder, then re-try your Joomla install there.
I know you probably don't want to hear this, but I guearantee you that your life will be a lot easier if you:

1) Use an apache server
2) Find a host other than GoDaddy

The only caveat is that I heard that GoDaddy is now offering Apache servers with Cpanel instead of their lousy control panel.

I made a podcast not long go about moving and working with a Joomla site on a Cpanel server. The link is:

While the contents of the podcast probably won;t interest you at this stage, it shows in pretty good detail how Cpanel lets you manage any site with ease.
I have installed over 300 Joomla websites over the years and without fail my worst experience has been on IIS servers (windows) and hosts without Cpanel. Even the easiest procedures take 3 times as long as they would on Cpanel.

As far as your specific issue, that should not happen regardless of server.

Open up your "Configuration.php file and check the "live_site" string as well as the "tmp" and "log" paths.

Any errors there could be the culprit to your problem.
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Evan CutlerVolunteer Chief Information OfficerAuthor Commented:
Right now, I don't have an option.
I have to maintain on windows server.

RIght now it's still
I need it to be
Is there a chance you can take a screenshot of your:
FTP structure (files and folders)
Text or screenshot for your configuration.php file (possibly both the one in the top level and the one in the joomla directory)

I am confident that if I can look at the directory structure and the configuration.php files I can fix it up for you.

One thing: When I tried going to

neither took me to the administration login page. That tells me something is funky in all directories.
In fact, I just realized that all your links are pointing to a domain parking page of some sort. The links produced from any page I reach (from your links and other joomla links I inserted) all default back to the same "Parking" page.

Looking at the source code I can tell than none of the pages I reach are Joomla pages at all.
When I try sourcing your image under
I get this path:

When I try going to the robot.txt file
I get bounced back to the "Parked" page. \

By the way, Have you checked there isn't a top level files called
index.htm and so on?

You need to have both directories free and clear of any file which may have a higher relevance than index.php or you'll never get to the site. Also make sure that the host has freed up the site of any "parking" script that may be overriding your Joomla installation.

Bottom line, you don't have a Joomla site in there anywhere as far as the live server is concerned.
If you do, the host is overriding it with a "parked page" script.

Have you tried asking GoDaddy support? A quick phone call may solve your issue.

Evan CutlerVolunteer Chief Information OfficerAuthor Commented:
Thank you for yoru inputs...I want to keep this one on record for others with issues such as this.

Due to a fortunate turn of events..the customer decided to move to a linux server, which eliminated my problem.  THank you.

Sometimes clients accidentally get it right :D

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