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Hey guys,

Do any of you had any issues with Dell sales/customer services?  I have a situation where I am very upset with Dell services.  The Client asked me to review the quote.  I asked her (dell sales) to call me regarding this and she never did.  But she did find a time to call the Client directly.  

She sold the Client the wrong video card with the last purchase.  She was unable to correct the problem.  I had to spend another two hours (and bill the Client) on the phone with Dell technical support to correct the problem.  Dell Tech. Support sent us the correct part and we had to send the other one back.  That was one of the reasons why the Client asked me to review the quote this time.  

Should I let Dell know I do not want to use that sales person any longer?  Where should I complain?  I just pissed about this situation today.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

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I would absolutely let Dell know.  I would contact your Dell sales team and ask to speak with a supervisor.  HOWEVER, what will make more of an impact is if the CLIENT calls.  When other consultants I know have problems, I let my Dell rep know.  I don't know how good it does, but I'm pretty much certain it doesn't hurt.  Just be sure when you're going to be critical, you are, in fact blaming the correct person.  For example - if a machine ships two weeks after the estimated ship date, be angry, yell at your rep, BUT REMEMBER - the rep is just selling the system and s/he probably told you everything they HONESTLY could and were otherwise told themselves about the shipping time.  They aren't the ones packing it up and sending it out the door.  So be fair - but be vocal - that's my recommendation.


Thanks Leew,
So I guess I just need to find my sales team supervisor.  I would prefer emailig them though.  So let me find that teams supervisor

Thank you again
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The Sales Rep's email signature may have a manager's contact information, but generally it requires a phone call to reach second level support or supervisors.  If you have Gold or Platinum support, you will have a TAM (Technical Account Manager) for just this type of situation - contact him/her.  You can have a new Sales Rep assigned to your account.

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