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Can a public official(including governors and president), employed by the government in the USA also own a business that does contract work with the government, at a local or federal?
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If they can't, they would likely find a loop hole so that they could.

Not sure why you put the ethics and government in the same sentence, don't think your going to find many people with ethics in government unless they are getting paid and then it most likely is just a show to cover up something.
Yes - just ask cheney however, there is probably more scrutiny in doing so. Their bids must be the best (lowest usually) and submitted per the RFQ (i.e., can't get 2 bids from different contractors then use their bids to write yours to undercut them).

Likely the owner if an elected official would try to distance themself from the decision process if at all possible and also disclose their interests in the business upfront rather than let the press get wind of it first after the contract is in place.


Thanks for the example. Yes, it is real!

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