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We have a church management piece of software called Shelby.  It runs off of a SQL database.  I have about 15 PCs (all running Win XP Pro) onsite with workstation installs of the software that talks to this DB.  Through cliconfg I have the protocols NamePipes and TCP/IP enabled.  Well, now I'm on my first Win 7 Pro 64 bit machine and cannot talk to this DB.  I've gone as far as manually trying to connect to the DB through the ODBC Data Source Administrator.  When I do this, I get the error listed at the bottom of this post.  I can successfully make this manual connection on any other machine.  I have tried killing firewalls and A/V, and with it all off, I still cannot make the connection.  Don't know where to go next.  Thanks for any help that can be provided.


Microsoft SQL Server Login Error Message:

Connection Failed:
SQLState: '01000'
SQL Server Error: 10055
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][DBNETLIB]ConnectionOpen (Connect()).
Connection Failed:
SQLState: '08001'
SQL Server Error: 17
[Microsoft][ODBC Sql Server Driver][DBNETLIB]SQL Server does not exist or access denied.
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your problem seem to be permission


I'm not sure I follow.  If I can connect with the same user and password on another machine, shouldn't I be able to do that on this one, too?
ok make sure of this
1- you can ping your sql server from this pc
2- try to ping the pc from sql server

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I can ping both ways with no problem.  The server is a Win SBS 2003 R2 which has my exchange stuff and it is all working fine.
your problem was the same problem when you install sp2 vista,
go to this links it will help you;[LN];318432


I'm still digging through the two support links you gave, but I do have a question... it looks like these two solutions are needed when SQL is in a cluster environment.  Well, I don't have any clusters.  Do they still apply?
Also, I have started up another Win 7 machine and am having the same problem on that one too.  Again, all XP machines are doing fine and now I have two Win 7 Pro (one 64 bit and one 32 bit) that are having the same problem...
the problem you face is started from windows vista till 7 with sql 2005, xp not face this problem with sql 2005, vice versa vista and 7 not facing any problem with sql 2008, microsoft recommended that you upgrade to sql 2008 when you have vista and 7, but you didnt want that, you use this link;[LN];318432

it more helpful in this situation
It seems the problem is WIndows 7 not playing nice with MS SQL 2000.  We moved the data into a SQL 2005 Express instance and everything is fine.  Thanks for the help.

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