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I want to create a mdi form and 5 MDI Child Form,All MDI Form should open in parent and minimize also in that window. Can anyone help please?
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sanjay_nanawatiAuthor Commented:
i mean when i click minimize button ,it should minimize in parent form. i am giving the codes i am using.
 Public Declare Function SetParent Lib "user32" (ByVal hWndChild As Long, ByVal hWndNewParent As  Long) As Long
 In form_load
SetParent hWnd, MDIFormMain.hWnd
The Child Forms are minimizing in MDI Parent Form when minimize button is clicked:

sanjay_nanawatiAuthor Commented:
see, I have a mdi application. On parent MDI I put a picture box which cover the whole Form . In the center of picture box I put a frame and three command (create, select and exit) in the frame. By clicking the create and select cmd. two child form appears on the parentmdi . now the problem is when i minimize these child form , they just disappear in leftbottom side of the screen . It seems that they goes under the picture box , I want them on the picture box, but don't know how
It is not uncommon to have a PictureBox on the MDI Form that is either TopAlign of LeftAlign and uses about 10% of the MDI Form area.
The remaining area can display the child forms in Cascade, Horiz, or Vert align, or minimized to the bottom of the MDI Form.

By filling the entire form with a PictureBox you have left no room for the child Forms. When they are minimized I don't think they are behind the PictureBox, rather you haven't left any space between PictureBox and bottom of MDI Form.

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