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We have what seems to be an unusual situation that no one else in the world has ever experienced, because I can't find any solutions.

We work at an engineering firm that uses Exchange 2003. Groups of engineers work on projects together, with each of them sending and receiving emails to the client. What the engineers have been doing is is dragging and dropping emails into the job folder on the server as .msg files. This sucks because they are not searchable.

My idea was to drag and drop the emails into a personal file folder located on the server that everyone could connect to. Personal file folders could be created for every project and engineers could open and close them as needed. This would be a perfect solution. The emails would be grouped in projects, look the same as the emails in their mailbox, and be searchable.

Well what do you know. Two people can't open the same .PST file at the same time. What genius came up with this limitation.

Any ideas on how I can handle this problem. Remember, engineers do not want to share all of their emails. They want to be able to move them, or mark them as a particular project email and be accessible by anyone working on that project.

If we need to purchase an email archiving solution that's fine, but in needs to have the capability to group emails by whatever criteria I want and be searchable by other users.

Thanks in advance
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Solutions Architect
I'm sorry but why not using public folders?
A mail-enabled public folder would serve this purpose the best.

Another option would be to create a "shared" mailbox to which everyone who needs access is given Full Control. If you are using Outlook, each engineer could open this mailbox and view/send/sort/recieve messages as needed (as in your PST idea).

Here's an article which describes this in a little more detail.,289625,sid43_gci1176460_mem1,00.html

Let us know which way you plan on going, and if you have any other questions. Good luck!

AkhaterSolutions Architect

Again, I don't see why the OP would use anything else then Public Folders it was built for that specific reason

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