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Hello All,

   More and more I"m getting people asking for sites designed like the following site, very blog like or web 2.0 ish i guess.

how are most of these sites being developed?  What program?  Can they be designed in Joomla? Just trying to figure out what I need to learn to get that look on sites.  Thanks

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Hi. This one was done using WordPress, 'self-hosted' as opposed to the free platform at Find out more at There are lots of themes (preset design frameworks) for defining a blog plus regular menu type pages for static information. Search google for free WP themes and look at ElegantThemes (dot com) for paid subscriptions.

 If you find an easily customized theme then you just have to learn the WP interface. It doesn't hurt to know some CSS/html and the basics of PHP language.

You can absolutely design a page like that in Joomla. As a matter of fact you can design ANY type of design in Joomla. The difference ( and one of the advantages ) of using a CMS like Joomla is you can keep your design and content separated. What is really going on is your content is being stored in a database and when a user asks for a page the systems knows which design to pair with what content and serve the page to the user.

To make a Joomla template you will use the same tools as you would designing a standard html page. If you have a current website, you can take your html document, just delete the content - not the design information - and insert a line which contains what's knows as a jdoc statement. There are a couple of things you need to do, but don't be scared about it. The book - Joomla Visual Quick Start Guide has a great chapter on how to do this.

Or you can take any template and use that as foundation- to change a current template 99% of the job is editing CSS - which is important whether you design for joomla or a static html document.

Here are some resources that should be useful for you:

a great free framework / basic template is T3 - one thing that is extremely powerful about this framework is it's menu engine (mega menu) - free download and documentation at

Mega menu documentation

Joomla template structure -!_templates


Thanks for the info.  I'll take a look

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