SQL 2005 Server Install Error:28075

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Hi all,
 My apologies if a solution has already been posed on this site but I am unable to track it down. I am also very new to the install of MS SQL server so pardon any obvious mistakes.
My problem is the following SQL error I get when I run a powershell install.(unattended)
I am installing to a w2k3 32 bit member server  and i am geting a SQL error code:28075 which refers to a problem validating the Service accounts. On checking the summary acount log, it specifically refers to the SQL Browser service account not being validated. I have gotten hold of some more logs which I am enclosing with this question. I have entered all service account details when prompted, can confirm all passwords/accounts are correct  and the install works fine until it reaches the "validating accounts" screen at which point an error message is displayed which details the event ID 28075.  Any help that can be provided would be appreciated
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Vitor MontalvãoIT Engineer
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Eclipse, looks to me that you are installing an upgrade version. It's really that what you want?
Thanks for the responses, I have tracked down the issue, it turns out that our integration environment is in a constant state of flux with team members making changes willy/nilly. Someone arsed around with the account details (spaces added to the service account names a few days after I created them, one service account hidden, being used for testing by someone else, etc), so I had to put an alert out, recreated the service accounts, moved them to a new OU and created a GPO for these SA's and ran the install again. Worked perfectly. Need to get colleagues / management to tighten up on the integration work proceses to avoid this sort of thing from happening again.

Thanks once again.

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