How do I run ESEUTIL /g on a database with a space in the name

It wont run. It keeps saying:

D:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Mailbox\First Storage Group>ESEUTIL /

Usage Error: Invalid argument 'DATABASE.EDB'. Options must be preceded by '-' or

Extensible Storage Engine Utilities for Microsoft(R) Exchange Server
Version 08.01
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

DESCRIPTION:  Database utilities for the Extensible Storage Engine for Microsoft
(R) Exchange Server.

      Defragmentation:  ESEUTIL /d <database name> [options]
             Recovery:  ESEUTIL /r <logfile base name> [options]
            Integrity:  ESEUTIL /g <database name> [options]
             Checksum:  ESEUTIL /k <file name> [options]
               Repair:  ESEUTIL /p <database name> [options]
            File Dump:  ESEUTIL /m[mode-modifier] <filename>
            Copy File:  ESEUTIL /y <source file> [options]
              Restore:  ESEUTIL /c[mode-modifier] <path name> [options]

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D=Defragmentation, R=Recovery, G=inteGrity, K=checKsum,
P=rePair, M=file duMp, Y=copY file, C=restore
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Alan HardistyConnect With a Mentor Co-OwnerCommented:
If you database is called "Mailbox Database.edb" and thus has a space in it, you must issue the following command:
eseutil /g "mailbox database.edb" or
eseutil /g "x:\program files\exchsrvr\mdbdata\mailbox database.edb" to include the full path.
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