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I have an MP3 CD that I need to convert to CDA format. I have spending some time with this and can't find a solution.  From what I know, ".cda" files can be used in regular/old CD players.  I am looking for free software to convert MP3 files to ".cda" and burn the CD.  I would appreciate if someone could tell me where I can download this software (and ensure it works by testing or first hand experience please).

A few things that I have tried, but were unsuccessful:
* Using Windows Media Player (version 11)
* Searching on Experts Exchange.  A few solutions were older questions and the software was not available any longer.    Also, many solutions had converting .CDA files to MP3 and i need MP3 to CDA.  
* I have tried Desktoper, Ease Audio Converter, AVS Audio Converter and Total Recorder, but I couldn't find a way to obtain the software for free or didn't record to .CDA
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You can't convert an mp3 to CDA - a CDA is a placemarker or shortcut for a music track on an audio CD (not a multimedia music format). They are created as part of the process when mp3 files are converted and burnt to Audio CD.
Here's a simple explanation and how to do it using a free app
To play your Audio CDs, no need for CDA, cuz as MASQUERAID said, it's shortcut
you can use any CDs creators and burn (Audio CD) it will automatically change the songs to CDA



Thanks for taking the time to reply.  I realize that the CDA is just a placeholder.  I was trying to simplify the explanation.  I just want to play the music on a regular CD player.  I tried the software you recommended; I noticed it when I searched on Google.

When I tried the software, I am getting an error related to not having a registration code (which requires payment).  Is there some other software that you would recommend and tried?

Thanks again!
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Dear, try any CD creator, ANY ONE , don't u have NERO? Clone? I really don't have any download link for them, but if you don't have them tell me to search them to you
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Use the Audio Disk option in CDBurnerXP it will be easier if you convert the mp3 to PCM WAV before though as if you have any metadata like ID3 tags the software may try to name the tracks rather than creating CDA's for each track number.


I have tried many applications to do this. Most of the applications could create MP3 files, but not regular CDs.  I don't have Nero, but I wish I did.  All of the versions of Nero that could convert and burn regular Audio CDs cost money.  I really think this should be part of regular Media Player, but it's not. I am looking for a free software.  
I tried what you recommended and it worked! The only way I could do it is convert the files to WAV and then audio CD (from the apps I tried).  In fact most of the applications, couldn't convert to Audio CD- period. Perhaps,  most people are looking for converting to MP3- instead lower tech of audio CD.  
I really appreciate your time.  Thanks again!

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