flash error "TypeError: Error #1085: The element type..." from XML

I am pulling my hair out for days.
I have created a flash movie using xml from wheather.com.
If i run the movie from my desktop it works fine.
After placing it on my webserver and using proxy.php to call the xml file.
I get the following error:
TypeError: Error #1085: The element type "IMG" must be terminated by the matching end-tag "</IMG>".
      at Weather_Widget_5_day_fla::MainTimeline/weatherLoaded()
      at flash.events::EventDispatcher/dispatchEventFunction()
      at flash.events::EventDispatcher/dispatchEvent()
      at flash.net::URLLoader/onComplete()

The actionscript is fine, the xml has been validated using a xml validator.
The tag </img> can not even be found in the xml.

Like I said running it from my desktop no problem.
Does anyone know what the problem can be?
The code that I am using is below and I am using proxy.php (http://sourceforge.net/projects/php-proxy/).

Thanks in advance

//allow domains

Security.allowDomain("*", "xoap.weather.com");

//ini settings

icons_mc.visible = false;


var weather_xml_url:String = "http://www.picsfromtheblue.com/duikschool/URLproxyServer.php?url=http://xoap.weather.com/weather/local/"+city+"?cc=*&dayf=5&link=xoap&par="+par_id+"&key="+key+"&unit="+units;

var weather:XML = new XML();
var weather_url:URLRequest = new URLRequest(weather_xml_url);
var weatherLoader:URLLoader = new URLLoader(weather_url);

weatherLoader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, weatherLoaded);

function weatherLoaded(e:Event):void
	weather = XML(weatherLoader.data);
	temp_txt.text = weather.cc.tmp;
	day2_txt.text = weather.dayf.day[1].hi;
	day3_txt.text = weather.dayf.day[2].hi;
	day4_txt.text = weather.dayf.day[3].hi;
	day5_txt.text = weather.dayf.day[4].hi;
	text2_txt.text = weather.dayf.day[1].attribute("t");
	text3_txt.text = weather.dayf.day[2].attribute("t");
	text4_txt.text = weather.dayf.day[3].attribute("t");
	text5_txt.text = weather.dayf.day[4].attribute("t");

	icons_mc.visible = true;

	var weather_icon:int = Number(weather.cc.icon.toString())+1;
	var weather2_icon:int = Number(weather.dayf.day[1].part[0].icon.toString())+1;
	var weather3_icon:int = Number(weather.dayf.day[2].part[0].icon.toString())+1;
	var weather4_icon:int = Number(weather.dayf.day[3].part[0].icon.toString())+1;
	var weather5_icon:int = Number(weather.dayf.day[4].part[0].icon.toString())+1;

	//set the complementary text
	var ud:String = weather.head.ud;
	var us:String = weather.head.us;
	var city:String = weather.loc.dnam;
	var time:String = weather.loc.tm;
	var temp:String = weather.cc.tmp;
	var day2:String = weather.dayf.day[1].hi;
	var day3:String = weather.dayf.day[2].hi;
	var day4:String = weather.dayf.day[3].hi;
	var day5:String = weather.dayf.day[4].hi;
	var text2:String = weather.dayf.day[1].attribute("t");
	var text3:String = weather.dayf.day[2].attribute("t");
	var text4:String = weather.dayf.day[3].attribute("t");
	var text5:String = weather.dayf.day[4].attribute("t");
	var flik:String = weather.cc.flik;
	var term:String;

	if (temp == flik)
		term = "and it feels like "+flik+" degrees,";
	} else {
		term = "but it feels like "+flik+" degrees,";
	var wind_v:String = weather.cc.wind.s;
	var wind_gust:String = weather.cc.wind.gust;
	var wind_d:String = weather.cc.wind.d;
	var wind_t:String = weather.cc.wind.t;

	var hmid:String = weather.cc.hmid;
	var vis:String = weather.cc.vis;

	info_txt.text = city;
	day2_txt.text = day2;
	day3_txt.text = day3;
	day4_txt.text = day4;
	day5_txt.text = day5;
	text2_txt.text = text2;
	text3_txt.text = text3;
	text4_txt.text = text4;
	text5_txt.text = text5;

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Randy PooleCommented:
Post the values you are using to crate the URL string.
I think your problem is in the weather_xml_url variable
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There is a source forge image embedded  in the link.
omejanAuthor Commented:
Hi mizilla,
Thanks for your quick response.
Which link are talking about?
weather_xml_url variable =

omejanAuthor Commented:
Yep, it displays an image when printing the errors, so I removed it.
This got me around the 1085 error, and gave me a 1088 error.
After digging around for several hours and trying some other proxy php scripts.
I found out that my provider did not allow allow_url_fopen in the php.ini file.
So I created a customised php.ini file and used a simpler version of the proxy.php, you can see it below.
I amended my flash movie pointing it to the right php file.
Once the php.ini was uploaded and the new proxy file was in place everything worked.

Hope that this will be usefull for other people.

Below the new much simpler php I used.

Thanks for your help anyway.
$content= file_get_contents('http://www.yourdomain.com');
echo $content;

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