Help desk ticket system

Hello, we are a small IT company that is looking for an inexpensive helpdesk system.

We are 5 technicians supporting random clients.

What we would like is for the users to be able to send an email to
and that way it would be logged and it would appear in our helpdesk system.

It would also be nice if the technicians could connect to the end user in an easy way using remote support.

Our budget is around 3000 usd.

Any great ideas out there?
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Rodney BarnhardtServer AdministratorCommented:
Spiceworks is a good, free monitor and helpdesk product. I am not sure if it can take external emails. GoToAssist is a good remote product and relatively inexpensive.

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Rodney BarnhardtServer AdministratorCommented:
Rodney BarnhardtServer AdministratorCommented:
Dameware is also inexpensive, and I just noticed it can be configured to work with SpiceWorks.
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Spiceworks is your answer!

It's free, does helpdesk PLUS inventory, monitoring, network map, and a community of 950,000+ IT pros to help with anything.

You can setup remote collectors at your customer sites and have them report back to your central installation.  External mail is no problem.  Also, depending on your remote access, you can use a number of solutions for remote support and through the Spiceworks interface.  (LogMeIn, TeamViewer, etc).

Check it out!  BTW - lots of MSPs use it for their operations and would definately help you in setting it up.
daxa78Author Commented:
Thanks for the input guys. Can i get spicework to do inventory of my clients networks also?

How can the users check the status of the support ticket?
Absolutely!  that's what the remote collectors are for.  You install the RC on a machine on the client site and connect it to your central site.  (The software is small and low overhead).  You schedule your scans to suit your needs and after each scan the RC will send the data back to your central site. (

As far as checking tickets, Spiceworks has a user portal you can setup and customize.  Being these are customers, they would authenticate with a username and their email (since no AD integration is possible).  

Another great thing about Spiceworks is the development cycle and how the users drive the features.   Something you'd like you don't see, submit a feature request (or spice up an existing one).

As mentioned, the community is really the keystone of the software.  Have a problem (either with Spiceworks, or anything IT) just post to the community. You'll get an answer real quick.
Spiceworks is pretty popular but if you like open source check out OTRS:

There are advanced options for full blown ITSM also:

This may be more of what you're looking for since you're not running an internal help desk.

daxa78Author Commented:
Does not spiceworks have the functions that dameware offers ?

Why would i prefer to buy a dameware licence for remote support?

Are there any other software i could buy that would make spicework better?
Since my budget still intact.
There isn't any native remote assistance function with Spiceworks... it uses what is installed on the client machine.  That said, you can use LogMeIn or TeamViewer (both free) or some flavor of VNC for local or VPN assistance. Check out this doc to see how remote assistance is accomplished through Spiceworks:

daxa78Author Commented:
Benhar so if i buy the full license from TeamViewer can i then access remote computers directly from spicework ? or wil i have to use rdp for that.
Either one, TeamViewer or LogMeIn you could access through Spiceworks.  There are plug-ins which give you that ability.

Both have free versions you can use (unofficially), but actually LMI does say in it's T&Cs it's okay.
daxa78Author Commented:
Thanks guys :-)
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