How to make a program available for limited user account under XP ?

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I have  a program that is working fine on XP under administrator account, the problem that I want to make program available for limited accounts.  I can make the program shortcut available for all users, but for restricted accounts they can't get it run.

Thanks for all.
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You can look for the directory that contains the files for the program you with to allow access to, right click>Sharing and Security, then set users or authenticated users to allow read & execute permissions for the complete folder.
This probably will end up being a little bit of trial and error on your part. As lobo stated above a good start would be to grant the users read & execute on the folders. However some programs may attempt to create temporary files in the program or other directory so you may need to grant modify access to the folder.

If you do end up granting modify on the program folder and you are still running into problems the problem could make trying to access/modify files in another folder or possibly be trying to access certain registry keys that the users dont have access to.

Tracking down exactly what files, folders, and registry keys are attempting to be access can be a little tricky but two tools that can help with this are



These two programs allow you to see in real time whate files and registry keys are attempting to be accessed. You will probably need only include your program/processes otherwise you will be overloaded with data.
hi ,
you can try this method :

log on with the restricted account >> Start >>> Run >>> gpedit.msc
under "User configuration"  >> Administrative Templates >> System >> Logon
in the left side you will see then content of this folder
double clik on "Run these programs at user logon"  >>> enabled >>>clik "show" >>>
clik  ADD >> in the text box type name of the executable file '.exe' .
i hope that will help you

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