Scan to email SMTP Setup

I have a lexmark scanner that allows me to scan to email. I am wanting to use a gmail account I created to accomplish this.  I have as the primary smtp using port 465. I am confused about what settings to use for authentication however. Do I need SSL? What authentication method should I use? The options are:
1)No authentication
6)Kerberos 5

I have tried a variety of settings, but havent found the right one yet. I have not seen anything through my google searching either. Help is greatly appreciated!!
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I tried connecting to using port 465 without any success, but if I tried using port 25 it connected fine. Try using port 25.

As a general rule most mail servers use login/plain without SSL. That's where I'd recommend starting, then move through each until you find the correct one.
FIFBAAuthor Commented:
I will try this tomorrow and post results
just out of curiosity, do you know if you have a static or dynamic external IP?
If dynamic, most ISP's block port 25 because of spam viruses.
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FIFBAAuthor Commented:
It is dynamic and you are probably right there. Is there any solution to my problem? I need to send mail out of this scanner and because it has no scan to file options.

When I tried with your suggest settings it gave me connection failure 530
must issue a start TLS command.
Gmail's servers support SSL connections.

Set your machine up for SMTP to use port 465 for SSL and make sure that the machine is using SSL.
If you need the machine to pop the account, the SSL port is 995.
You will probably need to use the Login/Plain authentication method.
When you authenticate, you must use the entire e-mail address for the username. (i.e.

I will test this in my demo room to make sure that my MFP's will accomplish this, shouldn't be a problem.

FIFBAAuthor Commented:
I have uploaded the picture of the printer GUI where the options are so you have a better idea what I am seeing.

I just need it to send the pdf file. There are no pop settings on there.
FIFBAAuthor Commented:
I tried with the authentication as SSL required and ports 465 and 995 with the smtp authentication as Login/Plain and get connection failure.
FIFBAAuthor Commented:
Is there anyone that can help me on this? My client is starting to get frustrated with me and I'm not sure what to do.
I have a Lexmark X652de, whitch is basically the same as the X654de, and also have not been able to get it to work with a gmail account. I will try again to see if I'm missing something.
My best sugestion is to see if the your client as a normal SMTP account, or use one of own to test and maybe gain some time to get it to work.
Forget about port 995 if you're not going to POP w/SSL.
Doesn't look like it's going to work if you're getting connection failures with those settings.
Your machine is lacking TLS.

You might try going to a free hosting/relay site like and create an account
to use with the Lexmark.

FIFBAAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the replies. I am currently looking at my options for using a relay site right now. I will post my results when I am done. If that works I will give you the points coalnine for your help.

Thanks again.
FIFBAAuthor Commented:
I was unable to get this to work either way really. I eventually decided to get a different feed scanner to scan to the desktop and shared the file out.

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Had a similar problem with my x466 mfp and Lexmark support told me that port 465 is not supported for scan to email.
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