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Laptop Dell Latitude D830

tjie asked

1) I have a laptop (Dell Latitude D830)
2) The problem : When i do RESTART to this laptop, it is ALWAYS coming to "Restart Windows Normally"; i click enter and it "Reboot" again; then coming back to "Restart Windows Normally" .......it is always continuing like that ..... [and I just wiped out the OS and installed the new one (Windows VISTA)]
3) The things that i have done:
First: I checked the Hard Drive (and it is still good; do not have BAD sector)
Second: There are 2 RAM@ 2 GB; i tested one by one; and giving the same result as above (" Restart Windows Normally"); then i tried DIFFERENT RAM (which RAM is good); and the Result is still the same: Restart Windows Normally ...
Third: I just updated the Bios to the lates version (Version A15); and still get the same Result ("Restart .....)
4) Any help?
5) Thanks

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did you try taking the choice "Last known good configuration" ?
Why dont you talk to dell customer service?
Sounds like you boot files may be corrupt. If you can boot into the recovery console, type FIXBOOT, and then restart.
go to  > Start MSCONFIG and select Normal Startup.
Has it ever booted into Vista successfully on its own?

-Do you have a Vista Upgrade or Full installation disk?

If you're in a time sensitive situation I'd recommend that you try to reinstall Vista, walk through the setup and do a fresh installation so that it formats your HDD and gives you a clean-install as opposed to an upgrade.

You might find that you'll spend more time troubleshooting than its worth, if you have data to be backed-up check out 'Knoppix' or other bootable OS's so you can recover your files to an external drive or DVD before formatting your hard-drive and reloading Vista.


1) It happened like the above; and i formated (fresh installation); then happened as i told you above
2) If i shut it down (forcefully) and Start again; i will prompt me with the "user name"; i login and it is OK ....... i can navigate everywhere (intranet and internet); but the problem when i need to "Restart" and the problem started as mentioned above ......
3) Now, i can use "dongle" (for wireless) also and works well ......
4) I believe the problem with the "Boot file" ? i will try your approaches ...
5) Thanks


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