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Windows Domain User

This is a two part question... What is the best way to grant permissions a Windows domain user to connect via SSH to a Linux box? Also, how would I go about doing that?
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You could set up the Linux server to do PAM authentication against the domain using Samba:


Or, you could just simply create a Linux account for that user and set up a public key / private key pair between the two accounts:

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any pc with ssh client can ssh to linux box. What is exactly your requirement?


I have a server that is in the Windows domain, but a user that is attempting to connect to it is unable to do so. I figured I need to add the user. I am just not sure of the command to do that.
If you're trying to connect to the Linux box with a Windows username, you'll need to first join the Linux box to the Windows domain.  It may be easier to just create a Linux user on the Linux device and have the Windows user logon using that username/password, especially if it's only one or two users.  You could generate ssh keys if you want passwordless logins.