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Upgrading Oracle 10g Client to 11g

mekkattiljj asked
First off I would like to say I am a DBA by no stretch of the imagination so  here is my issue:

I have a requirement to upgrade my currently Oracle client (10g) to 11g.  I was told its just an upgrade so not much to worry about, but I do have the database itself residing on the same machine.  When I tried to run the .exe for the 11g client I when I select either the instant-client setup type or administrator type both gives me the following error:

Check complete. The overall result of this check is: Failed <<<<
Problem: Oracle Database 11g Instant Client Release 1 can only be installed into a New Oracle Home.
Recommendation: Choose a new Oracle Home for installing this product.

Now if I create a new Oracle Home will that cause issues for my database?  

I thank you in advance.
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I forget what the Instant Client gui looks like but most oracle installs allow you to specify the HOME in the GUI.  Just type in a 'new' one and installation directory.


Actually this ended up breaking my db connection is there anyway to find a step-by-step solution

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Short of the installation guides in the docs and online at oracle.com, I don't know any step-by-step guides.  The hard part about step-by-step guides is that every install can be different.

Can you define 'breaking my db connection'?