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URGENT HELP - Malware Attack

I am running a Windows XP Pro computer, MS Office 2007, and continually updated Norton Internet Security.  This morning I awoke to a number of emails from people I haven't contacted in a long time asking me about an email they received from me with a link.  I immediately sent out  an e-blast telling people that I NEVER send a link or attachment without a personal message.  The malware  link  that was apparently sent to my entire Outlook address list was (THIS IS MALWARE, SO DON'T CLICK ON IT):

I went to a computer that - if infected - wouldn't cause a lot of grief (and didn't have any address book to be hijacked), and when I clicked on the link I got an alert from Norton that an attack had been blocked (SEE ATTACHMENT FOR THE PRECISE LANGUAGE OF THE NORTON ALERT).  Is there any way to determine what this malware is, how it managed to get past my Norton Security and hijack my address book, and how I can fix the problem to make sure that they don't use my email again to do similar mischief?


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This no need to be a malware infected your computer, it might be in messenger or outlook servers, this problem "if the same I know" will leave by it self, it's something like the whole emails we all were receiving about " you want to know who blocked you?"   "visit this site www.???.com "

this email I got it in my inbox from my another email that I didn't used for one month ! and no one has my password, so this is I think not infected your computer
Do the following -

-Immediately change the password you use for the email account that sent these SPAM messages
-Secondly - Download malwarebytes and perform a full system scan to remove any remaining key loggers or spyware/malware.

This program can be downloaded and used for free (personal use) from the following location:

*** Hopeleonie ***IT Manager

These tools will help you to clean!
- Panda Activescan
- Malwarebytes ( as already suggested )
- Combofix
- Hitman Pro (30 day trial)

My favorite is Panda Activescan.

All the links you will find here:

These emails did not even come from your computer. Your address book may have in fact been hacked but the emails could have been sent from anyone or any server... even with your address as the return address.  If this is a major issue I would recommend reformatting your computer and then protecting it with antivirus and anti-malware software.  If you have this protection then the only vulnerability would be in the websites you visit in which case I would recommend not visiting.