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Can't print to Dymo Labelwriter 400 turbo after adding labelwriter 450 turbo drivers on windows 2003 terminal server

I'm using Dymo Labelwriter 400 Turbo printers in my offices to print labels from a Windows 2003 Terminal Server.  Dymo printers are connected to client workstations.  Everything was fine until I had to purchase a Dymo Labelwriter 450 turbo to replace a failed Dymo Labelwriter 400 Turbo.  This requiered an driver update on the Client workstation and The terminal server.  Appearently the 450 driver has files in common (but different versions) than the 400 drivers.  When I add the 450 driver (driver only) to the Terminal Server,  my 400 printers nolonger print properly.  If I reinstall the 400 driver, the 400 printers print properly, but the 450 does not.   I recommended purchasing a used 400 to solve the problem, but management doesn't want to go that route.  Any suggestions to make the 2 drivers coexist harmoniously on the terminal server would be greatly appreciated!  
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Its a strange one but lucky for you I happen to have a customer with a few different Dymos.
I've set theirs up on the server and they have the same problem. Although the driver is similar, it doesnt work if both are on.

Trouble is, server 2003 is not officially supported as a print server for Dymos (server 2000 is though???)
Check the serial number on your 400 dymo. If it is lower than xxxxx-2096232 it isnt supported for print servers at all!

Sorry mate, this looks like a painful one.
Silly suggestion, but try setting them both up on an XP workstaion and sharing them from there and see if it works. Dymo suggest they do support XP print servers but dont specify if different types of dymo can be used at once.