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Disabling Exchange Server on SBS 2008 install

LeeBons asked
We are planning on outsourcing our email  to an email service.  Once the transition for email is complete, what should I do to disable Exchange?  One of the reasons for outsourcing is because we do not have Exchange running on a dedicated server and it seems to suck up lots of the server's resourses and is really dragging our server down.  So, once all of the email is transitioned, I would like to disable Exchange to free up some of the load on the server.  Also, Sharepoint is installed and is not being used.  Not sure if there is any dependence with Exchange.
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I honestly wouldn't recommend disabling Exchange as you'd have to do some serious alterations to SBS, which may seriously hamper its ability to work.
AkhaterSolutions Architect

just uninstall it
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Do ***************!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!************************ uninstall Exchange from SBS!

If you are moving mail to an outsourced situation, you can *disable* the Exchange services via the services snap-in and disable the alerts via the "Server Manager" console (or SBS console in 2008) that having Exchange services disabled will generate.  That is all that needs to be done.

Be aware, however, that SBS is an integrated product and some features need Exchange and need it to be local, not outsourced.  Daily reports will no longer be emailed and Shared Fax will no longer deliver incoming faxes. That is the nature of SBS's tight integration...disabling a feature has a trickle effect on other features. If you can accept that trade-off, go for it.