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Share Calendar and Outlook GAL between 2 separate companies

mastinbailey asked
Our parent company is wanting to be able to share calendars and GAL's with us, and we need to be able to share the same with them.  We are operating as 2 separate companies with 2 completely separate domains.  (ddnnet.com and dohmen.local)

We are located in 2 separate physical locations, and the only thing connecting us is a tunnel over the network.  Is there an option or options for doing this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!  We are lost on this one...
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SimpleSync is supposedly a pretty easy tool to use for replicating the address book between the two sites.
where is what we have: we have shared calendars where we created network users (i.e. classroom, boardroom, room 1, room 2, etc) that user once created has a calendar, if you log onto the network with one of those users and you right click on calendar and go into properties you will se a permissions tab and you can add permissions there. Make sure to do your research on permission levels within outlook calendars though because you don't want everyone being able to delete others calendar events, only the ones they have created. On my personal calendar I have my IT department set up and reviewer of my calendar so they can see what meetings I might have or what I might have going on any particular day byt going to File>open>other users folder and just typing in my network username and making sure the folder type is my calendar. They aren't able to make changes but they can see what I have going on. Hope this gets you started in the right direction.


It looks like a great tool!  Are there any Microsoft based ways of doing this or non-paid for ways?  Is it OK that these 2 domains are completely separate and not even a part of the same forest?  Will this tool or any others still work?

Thank you so much for the quick response!


Currently, I am located at ddnnet.com.  We cannot even see dohmen.local, and they cannot see us.  And we cannot view/share calendars because we do not have access to their AD in any way.  We do, however, have the physical connection via the tunnel.

I'm assuming that we will have to 'sync' this info in some way first.
I believe MIIS is what you need from Microsoft and it's not free either.  SimpleSync seems easier to manage and a bit less costly.

You could always do the old fashioned way of exporting the gal from one organization via CSVDE and importing it into the other organization.  There is some editing to do, but once you get the process done, it only takes a few minutes.

Are you running sharepoint anywhere?  You may be able to share a calendar via sharepoint.


We are currently running the free version of sharepoint within ddnnet.com.  How would we go about exploring that option?  Also, do you know of a link so I can check out MIIS?


SimpleSync looks to be a great option, and we are exploring it with a trial license.  There was never an answer to my question regarding information on MIIS, but after searching and searching I found IIFP, which is a free Microsoft tool.

The Expert also suggested using SharePoint, but there again was no follow-up when asked how to explore this option.  The B was awarded due to failure to follow-up after suggesting alternatives with no information about them.

All in all though the Expert was excellent and did provide real solutions.

Thanks for all of your help!