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How can i use internet of blackberry on the desktop pc


I have a Blackberry bold 9000 and also I have free internet connection on the this blackberry.

Now I want to introduce this blackberry to my desktop pc and I want to use this internet via Blackberry on the this Desktop pc.

I think Firstly I must do connection between Blackberry and Desktop pc via usb cable. Then I must introduce this Blackberry to my desktop pc for internet use.

Is this possible? How can I use Blackberry internet on the my desktop pc?
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Steven SheeleyConsulting SW Engineer - Lync/Skype4Business
This depends on your carrier if they allow "tethering" of your blackberry.  If they do then all you'll need to do is connect it to your PC and follow the directions from your carrier.

For example, AT&T uses AT&T Connection Manager to tether a blackberry to the PC.  So, if you are an AT&T customer then:

Download at&t connection manager:  http://www.wireless.att.com/business...CM-6.9.115.exe

Make sure you have BB Desktop manager 4.6 installed as well

Open up BB Desktop manager
Connect Bold & make sure Desktop Manager recognizes it
Open up Connection Manager
Wait about a minute and a half until Connection Manager connects to Phone
Press connect and you're done.

Other carriers will have different instructions on tethering.
I looked into the above using BB Desktop Manager with Verizon.  I got it to connect, but required me to sign up for their extra $30 a month plan that permits use with the computer.

However, I found and purchased the program called Tether.
Tether http://tether.com/

It is $50, but I found a coupon code tether50 which worked for me, about a week ago.  The cost $25.  Works great both USB and Bluetooth.
Steven SheeleyConsulting SW Engineer - Lync/Skype4Business
Tether still requires you to have a data plan with your carrier and is something that the carrier will frown upon if you are not paying for the data plan to allow tethering.  If you read the contract, you'll find in the fine print that they can terminate your service for unacceptable use, which tethering without paying for tethering constitutes.

Bottom line is that the program from tether.com will work.  Though why one would want to pay for software when the Desktop Manager is free is beyond me.  Either way that you go, with Tether or Desktop Manager, you still must pay for a data plan and a tethering plan (Your carriers specific requirements will vary) or risk huge fees and possible termination of your services.
Not true.
Blackberry DDM is $30 data + $30 for Tethering.  Not Free.  At lease for Verizon.  I tried it.
Tether.com is $25 for the software.
Gary CutriData & Communications Specialist
Hi, if you want to use the unlimited internet connection from your BlackBerry data plan you can use applications like the "Bayalink Liberty Key".  The bayalink will allow you access all the data on your BlackBerry in an interface that looks like Outlook and allows you to use the BB's internet connection from your PC.


thanks friends