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Postini Content Filtering

seaninman asked
I was wondering if anyone knows how to configure google postini to not detect phone numbers as a credit card number or social security number when content filtering is enabled?
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Using a more specific expression pattern will help.  If you are a credit card issuer, then you already know the first few digits of your cards and you can build your expressions off of that.



The '\b' sets word boundaries.  The first five numbers are the prefix for your Visa Card line.  [0-9] is a place holder for all single digit numbers 0-9.  {11} allows the [0-9] to occur eleven times, creating a 16-digit credit card number.

Adding conditional parameters every four digits helps match human entered card numbers.

     \b4567(-| |_|.)?8[0-9]{3}(-| |_|.)?[0-9]{4}(-| |_|.)?[0-9]{4}\b

Within the parenthesis are possible entries for that position, separated by pipes ( | ).  The question mark makes the position optional.

The  last example would catch card numbers entered this way:
     4567 8012 3456 7890

Then you would create duplicate entries for your other credit card lines, just change the prefix numbers accordingly.

For regular credit cards which you do not know the number, use more generic expressions:
     \b4[0-9]{3}(-| |_|.)?[0-9]{4}(-| |_|.)?[0-9]{4}(-| |_|.)?[0-9]{4}        <-- Catches Visa Numbers
     \b5[0-9]{3}(-| |_|.)?[0-9]{4}(-| |_|.)?[0-9]{4}(-| |_|.)?[0-9]{4}        <-- Catches Mastercard Numbers

Use a similar concept for Social Security Numbers:
     \b[0-9]{3}(-| |_|.)?[0-9]{2}(-| |_|.)?[0-9]{4}

You can learn more about these expressions at http://www.regular-expressions.info


Cool,  the problem I am seeing is whatever regex keys google is using is flagging phone numbers as a possible match to either a CC or SN.  So maybe if I try making the regex keys more defined as you have described that will help this.