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How to create own SMTP Server on VPS?

Ok i need to set up my own SMTP server on my VPS that i can send 10 000 emails per day , How can i do that ? Do you know some TuTorial about that ?
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which vps are you using?

postfix is probably the best smtp server you can have in a VPS server.

If your on ubuntu / debian

-> apt-get install postfix

if your on centos

-> yum install postfix

Then you have plenty of how-to configure SMTP relay for postfix


this is the config file /etc/postfix/main.cf

And find ( or add ) this entry
myorigin = FQDM

This hostname ( you VPS ) will need a rDNS entry also

If your application which send email is on the VPS then you should be fine

If your application which send email is on ip

Find this entry and add a SPACE and the IP of your sending application
-> mynetworks =

Then you should be fine.

Good luck.