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how do i find out which user created a folder on my server

somewhereinafrica asked
a user asked me who created a folder that was found inside a NTFS secured folder on a shared drive.

Where in server 2008 STD do i find out who created it
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Right-click on the file, properties.
Go to security tab, then click on Advanced near the bottom
Switch to the tab Owner
The name of the user will normally show there
usually the owner of the folder is the creator. i believe if you right click and go to properties then the sharing tab and advanced there is an owner tab. ill have to double check, might be under the security tab on properties

Use the powershell

get-acl <folder name>

It will output something like this:

Path                                    Owner                                   Access
----                                    -----                                   ------
foldername                               BUILTIN\ownername                  Domain\Administrator Allow  FullC...
If the user who creates the folder have a full permission on the folder, he/she can change the owner of the folder. so no warranty (100 %) to find who creates the folder.
that is true but in that case in less you have auditting enabled somehow you wont be able to track it.