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Windows 7 downgrade to XP

dyoung520 asked
Purchased this computer:

It says it has an optional OS (XP). Also says in the title XP downgrade option.

I figured it would come with both OS licensed for the computer and if I wanted could simply install XP fresh replacing 7. Then just go back when I wanted.

However this was not the case. I called tiger who directed me to Microsoft. Who then told me that they need to install a special piece of software to make the computer compatible with XP? There are drivers for this PC available for XP, Vista, and 7. Microsoft wanted to charge me 130 dollars for this service. Almost the cost of XP.

Is this true. I was told it would not work to buy XP and just format the drive and install. He told me it wouldn't work.

Any explanation on how this process works!

Huge Thanks!!!

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When we purchase computers through my office, they come with Windows 7 (or Vista prior to that).  All of them are purchased with the existing OS, be it 7 or Vista, and we downgrade to Windows XP, but we have a seperate license we use for that (volume license).  We don't have to buy an additional license for XP because the Vista or 7 license essentially is our proof of purchase.

If it were me purchasing that, I would have expected a key directly from Tiger Direct if they hadn't provided a built in "boot" function to uninstall 7 and install XP.

No and Yes, if you buy PC with licensed Windows 7 and if u format this windows and Install Windows XP
So Windows XP will not be Licensed but its will work so you have to purchase a key for it too.
I don't know why Tiger had you call Microsoft. They are the ones offering the XP downgrade option. They should know what it is and how to get it.


I, after disconnecting my call from Microsoft, did some research. I believe the tech person was going to try and install a virtual version of XP. Not at all what I wanted. He kept confusing me with his solution. I'm going to contact our business agent with tiger.

I think the overwhelming majority here thinks tiger needs to give me the answer.

Tom ScottConsultant

As I recall, when I purchased "XP downgrade" on new computers licensed for Vista, they SHIPPED with XP and we had the option to upgrade to Vista if we felt so inclined.
Never once did we feel so inclined.
Anyway, we paid around $100 per computer for the priviledge of the downgrade since XP was supposedly no longer shipping on new computers (except as a downgrade).
However, viewing the link you provided, Tiger/HP seem to be offering something different. It plainly states that the unit comes with Win7 x64 installed.
I concur with Ed and think this is a Tiger/HP issue. If the unit is new, you may wish to confer with Tiger regarding a possible return unless they have a better option.
Flip side, we have had virtually NO compatibility issues with Win7x64.  Why replace the OS now unless you are experiencing an issue that can not be overcome with "Compatibility mode"?
 - Tom