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Symantec Backup Exec Best Practices

I have two servers, 1 DC, 1 Exchange both running windows 2003

I purchased Backup Exec 13.0 and would like to know what are the best practices for backing up data.  Both of my servers have an internal tape backup DLT40 (Quantum 4000).

Should I load my software (only one license of backup exec and 1 exchange agent) on my Exchange server and pull data from my DC, which is also a file server.  So i use only one tape for backups?

the problem with that is that I can't create a system estate bakcup on the DC right? So I need ANOTHER license for my DC or can I use the same license on both servers?
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Principal Consultant
You would need 2 licenses to install Backup Exec on 2 servers.  You would need 1 license plus 1 Agent license to back up 2 servers to 1 BE Server.  You can get System State backups through the BE Remote Agent.  Best practice, IMO, is to back up both servers to a dedicated "backup server", but if you cannot do that I would probably put the BE on the domain controller, as it is more likely to have less hardware utilization and more free resources.